Event and exhibitions

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EGYPLAST comprises a vast range of all constituents of the plastics industry and connects buyers from Egypt, MENA and the Mediterranean regions with leading manufacturers and distributors of plastics, including raw materials, components, machinery and technologies, semi-finished and end products.

k- show

Being the main prime plastic show ever epema in 2023 organized its 5th. delegation for visiting the exhibition which started in 2010, more than 37 company members attended the show in coordination with the german embassy in cairo and the german chamber of commerce

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Milan plast

One of the main international events which comes always under epema's focus. Based on the bilateral contract signed between EPEMA and promaplast our association is the exclusive agent in egypt for the italian exhibition and prepares a solid attendance for our valued members to be part of the show either as exhibitors or visitors


in 2015 EPEMA and the Commercial office of the US embassy in cairo signed together a protocol of cooperation for enhancing the business cooperation between the Egyptian and the US market, in this year epema witnessed the 1st. Trade mission to the United States and its delegationfor visiting the elite plastic show NPE , since then EPEMA expanded the cooperation with the trade office and in 2023 we are in the process of preparation for setting the structure for our 1st knock door delegation which we expect to be the largest delegation organized since 2015

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Plast Morocco

Since its inception, epema has enjoyed a solid partnership with the Moroccan Association of Plastics, and for several rounds of the exhibition, epema organized the Egyptian Pavilion for Plastics and Petrochemicals, which witnessed great success and was one of the main factors in promoting Egyptian products in the Moroccan local market.

China Plast

EPEMA organizes a trade mission to visit the China Plast exhibition, which is the largest plastic exhibition in the state of China. The association provides support to member companies. EPEMA also organizes visits to Chinese companies and factories on the sidelines of the exhibition.

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Sudan Center

EPEMA participated in the presence of the Nile Plast exhibition in Khartoum. It also established a permanent center for marketing the products of manufacturers and exporters, sufficient for 60 companies in downtown Khartoum, according to the need of the market, with the availability of goods warehouses present in large quantities in the free zone in Khartoum to facilitate trade opportunities with the Sudanese market. It also assisted in transferring participants’ funds. From industrialists in the permanent center to Egypt. It also contributed to opening a branch of the National Bank of Egypt in Khartoum in the period from 2007-2010


EPEMA celebrates the Loyalty Day ceremony to honor industry pioneers, our success partners, and the official sponsors of Egyplast 2024 exhibition