EPEMA The Voice of Manufacturers and Exporters"

The Egyptian Plastic Exporters and Manufacturers Association-EPEMA  is an NGO established in 2006 and is considered as the house of experts. The association since its inception took ” YOUR VOICE ” as its slogan which reflects the main philosophy of its objective that always puts its valued members on main priority of its operations and projects.

Who we are ?

The Egyptian Plastic Exporters and Manufacturers Association – EPEMA is aiming to add value to the entire Plastic and petrochemical industrial sector, we achieve our objectives through promoting the Egyptian plastics and petrochemical products and protecting its business interests along with dealing with all related matters of relevance to our members.

The Association works in 3 main fields that can be expressed as follows


EPEMA offers a wide range of marketing solutions to its members, including participating in local and international exhibitions, promoting members' products in the local market, and launching its African Exhibition brand Egyplast Africa to support business trade missions and B2Bs.

Training Center

EPEMA offers various training packages to maintain the talents and skills of both engineers and workers. EPEMA has a well-established trainers structure and an active protocol with the IMC to subsidize the training cost up to 80% to decrease the financial burden on its members.


EPEMA established The Egyptian Plastic Institute in 2012, which is the first vocational training school in Egypt to offer theoretical and practical plastic studies over a three-year period for students following the preparatory stage.

EPEMA objectives

Developing and maintaining the Egyptian plastic industry

Introducing to its members the recent developments witnessed by the industry

Maintaining the plastics manpower skills

EPEMA acts as a legal form that looks after its members' rights in front of the governmental and non governmental authorities

Strengthening the business relation between the company members

Organizing all conferences related to the industry

Helping the members in maximizing and expanding their activities locally and internationally

Preparing all industry reports and all market researches related to the industry

Penetrating new markets and promoting Export business

Establishing a solid training center that offers well structured training programs


PLAST comprises a vast range of all constituents of the plastics industry and connects buyers from Egypt, MENA and the Mediterranean regions with leading manufacturers and distributors of plastics, including raw materials, components, machinery and technologies, semi-finished and end products.