About Us

The Egyptian Plastic Exporters and Manufacturers Association – EPEMA is aiming to add value to the entire Plastic and petrochemical industrial sector, we achieve our objectives through promoting the Egyptian plastics and petrochemical products and protecting its business interests along with dealing with all related matters of relevance to our members, The Association works in 3 main fields 

  • Marketing 
  • Education 
  • Training Center

The idea of ​​​​the establishment

EPEMA was founded by Mr. Hamed Moussa on 6/6/2006
as a non-profit organization after the idea was presented in 2005 and 26 companies adopted it.
Today we are proud of the presence of more than 260 member companies.

Our Mission

To support the entire Egyptian plastics and petrochemical industry to achieve more development and global competitiveness

Our Vision

Investing in manpower to well achieve our targets to become the most reliable house of experts

Our Members

The main asset of EPEMA is its treasured members whom operates in all Plastics industrial sectors with a total number of more than 250 active members, need to add that our members believes in their social responsibilities role towards the community -CSR- which we consider as our main profit the fact that was widely reflected on all our projects achievements.

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Our Board of Directors

Guiding our vision and driving our success.

Hamed Moussa

Honorary President

Khaled Abou El Makkarem


Mohamed Hamed Amer

Vice Chairman

Romani Nabil Attallah

General Secretary & Board member

Tamer Ali El habbal

Treasurer & board member

Karim Al aquah

Board Member

Mohamed Ibrahim

Board Member

Hani Halim

Board Member

Hisham Riad

Board Member

Ibrahim Abdou

Board Member